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Piston Pale Ale

This latest update in our Pale Ale project explodes onto the senses with exuberant amounts of modern german hop varieties imparting an herbal earthy lemony spiciness.

Alcohol Content: 5.6%  ·  IBUs: 44

Pantry Punch

Our latest IPA creation is unfiltered to maximize the hop deliciousness. Bursting with flavors of peach and apricot and bright citrus with notes of green tropical fruit, the healthy amount of IBUs balance the full bodied malt bill for an exciting IPA experience

Alcohol Content: 6.2%  ·  IBUs: 64

Cartoon Dreams

This dangerously delicious Imperial IPA is so smooth and tasty, you’ll think you’re sipping on a capri-sun at halftime during your pee-wee soccer game! Take in the notes of valencia oranges, oroblanco, murcott and let this fine ale use your dreams as a blank canvas to paint a picture of vivid, colorful, cartoon fruit!

Alcohol Content: 8.4%  ·  IBUs: 54

Imperial Workhorse

Our flagship Workhorse turned up to 11!.... or at least 8.5 abv. This version still keeps its signature balance between the hops, malt and yeast by adding extra hops to balance the boosted ABV. Please enjoy Workhorse’s imperial twin.

Alcohol Content: 8.5%  ·  IBUs: 77

Free Range Red

One of laurelwoods longest year round brews, it is a classic recipe that helps show off our house yeast.

Alcohol Content: 5.7%  ·  IBUs: 50

Workhorse IPA

Our flagship IPA, easy drinking, citrusy, and piney

Alcohol Content: 6.7%  ·  IBUs: 80

Tree Hugger Porter

Tree Hugger is about as easy-drinking as a Porter gets. It has a dark black color but don’t let that fool you!  The light body and wonderful balance of sweet caramel and toffee flavors intertwine with the mild floral, woody hop bitterness.

Alcohol Content: 5.8%  ·  IBUs: 30

Brew Deck Dry Hopped Lager

A showcase for Nelson Sauvin hops tasting of white wine grapes, gooseberry, lychee and melons

Alcohol Content: 5.9%  ·  IBUs: 41

Kids These Daze Hazy IPA

We’re going to keep everything 100 and tell you this beer is lit. Hazy Citrusy and tropical. Cheers, brah.

Alcohol Content: 6.4%  ·  IBUs: 40

Mother Lode Golden Ale

This classic Laurelwood brew is a brewer’s after shift favorite. An overall well balanced beer perfect with food or a refreshing drink in the sun!

Alcohol Content: 4.8%  ·  IBUs: 20

Portlandia Pils

A straight ahead smooth and crisp pilsner with noble hop character from the Mandarina Bavaria and Sterling hops.

Alcohol Content: 5.3%  ·  IBUs: 24

Wood Lager

This beer is clean and extra crispy, accented by a gentle dose of new age american hops, just to keep things interesting!

Alcohol Content: 5.0%  ·  IBUs: 15

Solstice Celebration

Cranberries ginger and a touch of lactose add a balanced fruity spiciness to this light-bodied lager.

Alcohol Content: 4.8%  ·  IBUs: 21


This unfiltered festbier showcases German-style malts with bready/biscuity notes and a light backdrop of caramel sweetness making this lager beer fit for a liter stein. Served in a 20oz mug, Prost!

Alcohol Content: 6.7%  ·  IBUs: 24

Vinter Varmer

A smooth, strong, malt driven beer with a nice balance of mild, pleasant hops to fortify against the cold. We use a blend of six malts and four hops to create an ale with deep caramel character, spicy hop flavor and a dry roasty finish. This Winter Warmer ale is as rich and complex as it is drinkable.

Alcohol Content: 7.7%  ·  IBUs: 38

Moose & Squirrel

A strong imperial stout that blends several dark, rich malts with layers of dark fruit, chocolate, and coffee

Alcohol Content: 8.8%  ·  IBUs: 51

*Coming Soon* Blood Orange Cartoon Dreams

Taking our Imperial Hazy IPA to the next level with 630 LBS of blood orangie goodness.

Alcohol Content: 8.4%  ·  IBUs: 54

Cider & Wine


Portland Cider Co Kinda Dry

Bauman's All The Berries



Cooper's Hall

Red Blend - $8

Pinot Noir - $9

Chardonnay - $10

Winter's Hill Rose - $10

Gluten Free & N/A

Groundbreaker Inclusion Pale Ale GF - $7

Clausthaler Lager Style N/A - $5


Pear Brandy Hot Apple Cider $12

New Deal Pear Brandy, honey, lemon, hot apple cider

December Sip for Good: 

New Avenues for Youth -

New Avenues for Youth is a Portland-based nonprofit organization dedicated to the prevention and intervention of youth homelessness. Our services for young people (ages 9-24) focus on the individual—their experiences, identities, needs, and goals—and helping them make positive change in their lives.

Mike's Margarita $12

Altos Plata tequila with muddled limes and lemons, simple syrup, and a splash of cranberry juice, topped with Grand Marnier. Served tall on the rocks, with salt. You are wondering who Mike is? He is Laurelwood's Founder and this is his favorite drink (next to Laurelwood beer)!

Cranberry Mule $11

Vodka, cranberry, lime, ginger beer

Fall Fizz $11

Aviation gin, Mari Gold Accompani liqueur, lemon, hard apple cider, thyme

Hot Buttered Rum $12

Mt Gay Dark Eclipse rum, brandy, homemade hot buttered rum mix

Mulled Apple Cider $11

Maker's Mark, lemon, ginger, wildflower honey, cinnamon, hot apple cider 

Coffee Nudge $11

Brandy, New Deal Coffee, dark creme de cacao, coffee, whipped cream

The Better Bloody Mary $10

Crater Lake pepper vodka with Bloody Mary mix, served tall on the rocks in a salt-rimmed glass with the works--celery, pepperoncini, olive, onion, and lime. Not for the faint of heart!